Hello to all, I am Shet, the child of the internalization of the African man. I Live by Monts and by Vaux, I walk to the sons of the horizons and I go to meet the My ancestor according to the destinations on which it settled. For my first adventure, I take you to the east of Benin where I crossed Gélédè, a very nice Aje ¹ which was very beautiful.

His beautiful supernatural eyes communicated life. Seduced by its splendor, I could only Ask for the meaning of his name. She answered me gently: “I am Gélédè, Daughter of Yewajobi, mother of all Orishas ². I’m a miracle because my mother was sterile. My mother went to see the great Oracle who asked her to make a mask with a headdress. She Orna the headdress of the elements of the forest, vivid colors. She’s getting her hair Danced with. Then her vow was heightened and she put into the world a little boy whom she named Ieots, which means joy or jest. »

Happy, Yewajobi danced again like the first time in order to get a small Girl she would call Gelede. Such a daughter’s mother says the saying. Gelede Dance with Vitality Like his mother. By the vital gift of life, his grandmother Iya would raise her to the rank of mothers.

What a story! I Shet, who was born one morning at sunrise, I believe in life. Also I’d love to meet Grandma Iya to understand the power of life and death.

¹ Mother
² Divinity