The violence in Guadeloupe has recently been mentioned. However, since 2012, it has been denounced, and some speak of “the most violent department of France”. The expression was used for the first time by one of the prefects of Guadeloupe. On the other hand, there is little question of violence against women or damage to children and the consequences of acts in families while violence against women is the regular information of the various facts section of the local newspaper France Caribbean. The Society of Guadeloupe was given birth in violence and to this day it is subjected to the different forms of modernity. The relationship between women and men is subject to this contemporaneity. The history of women and their emancipation enabled and helped to promote their presence and involvement in the various strata of society. Violence is a public health problem in Guadeloupe, it perspires from the walls, rises on its shoulders and anchors to the Earth. And this violence installs the woman in probationary living conditions: the reprieve. At the end of the fifty-two weeks of the year, a book will be published with the contributions of Subscribers. In addition, a contest will be held with the subscribers, reward the best participation and the winner will receive a gain related to self-discovery.

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