Travel Diary

This section corresponds to trips both inside and outside the borders. On about ten to fifteen lines, a general article will allow the reader to discover a region and find out what might discover it.

The only rule will be to link the regions, the overseas countries and the formerly colonized countries both on the American continent and African and Asian and illustrate the subject with a film of 1 minute and thirty seconds to the maximum.

This topic is open to everyone. Just get yourself:

  • A little tie mic if you’re talking in front of the camera.
  • Of the IPhone app used for shooting is FilmicPro if your phone and an I-phone. Otherwise, go to the platform dedicated to your machine (App store, Google Play, etc.) and type “video editing”. You will then be offered free and paid applications that will allow you to mount your movie from your smartphone.
  • To ensure the stability of the images, a mini tripod is indispensable.
  • of his cell phone.

Each year a contest will be held with the public, reward the best subject in each of the headings and the winner will receive a gain related to the trip.

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