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Lyon, enchères le 12 janvier 2005

Comme elle fut annoncée par le quotidien du soir, la vente aux enchères concernant des documents liés à la traite et l’esclavage s'est déroulée à Lyon sans incidents, s'inscrivant tant le dans le respect des personnes que dans le respect du Droit, sous le...

Tribute to Aimé Césaire

When I learned of the death of Aimé Césaire, we came to Invers@Lis, to finish a series of subject on its two best known faces. We had just spoken of the poet and the politician, but we had not talked about the man, the person Aimé Césaire. Out of all controversy...

Small chronicle of the dismantling of the French museums, particularly of the quay Branly

It was, of course, predictable. Like all sorcerers ‘ apprentices, Emmanuel Macron has launched, with his report on the “renditions” of African art and the announcement of the “without delay” return of twenty-six works in Benin, a process that he is going to have a lot of difficulty in circumscribeing, assuming That he really wants to.

Overseas on a website

To date, Sites 4 Tan... and TOP overseas are partners. TOP overseas features more than 2000 ultramarines structures spread between the hexagon and all our DROM/COM. Prefectures, communities, consular chambers, organizations, transport, COM-Common, associations,...