The blue that signals an access or a parking place is the most recognized color of disabled people and valid people. However all handicaps do not require a wheelchair. Disability can be physical, sensory, mental or intellectual, sometimes visible, sometimes invisible. It involves partial or total impairment of motor skills, consolidates the difficulties associated with sensory organs, limits in the speed of mental functions in terms of comprehension, knowledge and cognition.
Incommodum is a reading of the moments, the reality, the discreet and silent daily lives of many people with disabilities and confront each other with a little compassionate entourage. Incommodun questions the difference, visible or hidden.

At the end of the fifty-two weeks of the year, a book will be published with the contributions of Subscribers. In addition, a competition will be held with the subscribers, Reward the best participation and the winner or winner will receive a gain related to photography or image or travel for people with disabilities.

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