Gérard Théobald

I am working on the themes of trafficking, slavery, colonization and proletarian culture and dedicate my expression to the promotion of the diversity of people and societal development through culture and the diffusion of Knowledge.

The conjugation of these themes structures the memory of the persons heirs of the Black Codes and the Indigénat. This memory has synonyms: negritude, creolization, diversity, otherness for the purpose of “living together”.

Full of Love

These minor people in Europe or France are at the origin of the wealth of the old continent as well as of its modernity by the exploitation of their beings. The heirs exist through frameworks and are reduced to prejudices, sometimes to a notion of “exotic products” or even to a neocolonialist vision of the Individual. Often elaborated on the concepts of “mobility-emigration” and “immigrant”, which is a consequence of a colonial and post-colonial imposition which excludes mutual representations, the image has content which neither corresponds nor is suitable for the persons covered by these Concepts. They are also dispossessed of all power and feel excluded from a notion, an idea, a national policy and its proposals. This finding keeps this public heir from social and collective Concerns.

In conclusion, I am working on the concepts of ” Acquis ” and “to acquire “. The ” Acquired is what is visible and known of the society that relates itself and is formulated by the famous word of the poet Aimé Césaire “the Negro annoys you” which was used by the famous man, pillar of the negritude, to fight against racism and Discrimination. “to Acquire ” is what is the philosophy and the future of society that relates and is formulated by the term “diversity” which symbolizes the mixed, the otherness, the “living-together” and the sharing of Cultures. The ensemble is a memory of the heirs of the black Codes and the indigénat…

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