Doudou an Mwen

“Doudou an Mwen” is the objectification of anyone…
Securing, which is everywhere strolling, confidant of the very small, the Blankie is the indispensable companion of the infant from birth and for several years. Inseparable especially at bedtime, he saw the joys, sorrows, Angers and moments of tenderness of the child. The latter attributes to the object a particular affective value which allows it to soften the temporary separation of with its mother. As an adult, Doudou becomes the expression to signify the desired person or even loved.
Also, some use Doudou to exotist their relationship with the distant women coming from foreign countries and formerly colonized by the European powers.
“Doudou an Mwen” questions the object to better identify the loved one to the feminine as to the masculine.
At the end of the fifty-two weeks of the year, a book will be published with the contributions of Subscribers. In addition, a contest will be held with the subscribers, reward the best participation and the winner will receive a gain related to self-discovery.

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