The Colonial city

The informed bystander will notice that the colonial city is a temporary place. The city is built as the arrivals of populations each bringing their environment. She thinks she’s metropolis.
Even before the modern era in Europe, the city overflows the continental borders. After Fernand de Magellan and the great discoveries, the influence of Europe changes scale. The counters live on the rhythm of ships coming from Seville or Lisbon, Antwerp, London or Hamburg… Europe exports different metropolitan models.
For illustration, in 1498 in Santo Domingo, six years after the discovery of the island by Christopher Columbus, arose the first cathedral, the first hospital, the first customs and the first University of America. The colonial city was built according to a checkerboard plan that served as a model for almost every urbanist in the New World. The city of Santo Domingo was the starting point for European cultural influence and the conquest of the American continent.
With the nineteenth century, the colonial city was moving towards new models. The quest for modernity, political expression and new needs involve local experience. The city is transformed between the persistence, the extension of the inherited model and the innovative choices made after the transition from colonization to independence.
The circulation of ideas and men is reversed between Europe and the rest of the world.

This section corresponds to travel outside the borders. In twenty lines, a general article will allow the reader to discover a colonial city and find out what might discover it.

The only rule will be to link the regions, the overseas countries and the formerly colonized countries both on the American continent and African and Asian and illustrate the subject with a film of 1 minute and thirty seconds maximum, of photography. Each year a contest will be held with the subscribers, reward the best subject in each of the headings of the “Colonial city” and the winner or winner will receive a gain related to the trip.

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