To date, Sites 4 Tan… and TOP overseas are partners.

TOP overseas features more than 2000 ultramarines structures spread between the hexagon and all our DROM/COM. Prefectures, communities, consular chambers, organizations, transport, COM-Common, associations, media, websites make up the economic and tourist menu.
TOP PEOPLE list with photo, activity and contact information, 1800 personalities in the cultural, musical, societal, economic, media and sports circles.
TOP OUTRE-MER.COM This is the most comprehensive website on overseas, and overseas with web links, to all structures, including media, and an upcoming application.
Top overseas organizes and participates in national events such as the Overseas Train (2016), top trophies overseas and the election of Miss top overseas (2018).
TOP overseas initiates or engages in pro-overseas actions, such as the request for insertion of the overseas regions into the Michelin Red Guide and the creation of development income for all French.
TOP Overseas is searchable and downloadable on our site, with its updates, but you can obtain the paper versions, complete or regional, by ordering them on the Internet.